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This is the main homepage of the site. It explains "What is a Gyrocopter", it guides you through the site if it is your first time visiting, it shows latest news and links to recent news. It shows a summary of items from the Giftshop
All the Gyrocopter Experience locations have their own page on this website. They are selected using the menu on the left hand site of the screen.
York was the original location for "The Gyrocopter Experience". All the details for York are available on this page.
Oxford was the second location for "The Gyrocopter Experience". All the details for Oxford are available on this page.
Preston was the third location for "The Gyrocopter Experience". All the details for Preston are available on this page.
The instructor from Lincoln moved to Salisbury to expand "The Gyrocopter Experience" in the south. All the details for Salisbury are available on this page.
The Gyrocopter Experience - Devon operates from a number of airfields in the South. The details can be access here.
A number of independent instructors have joined the Gyrocopter Experience network. Whilst not trading as "The Gyrocopter Experience", they participate in the National Voucher Scheme. These locations all have an information page on this site.
The Gyrocopter Experience is a network of Gyro instructors in the UK. This is explained together with the "Gyrocopter Revolution" which has recently taken place making Gyros the fastest growing industry in Sport Aviation
All the contacts within the organisation are listed together with their contact details
A list of all the current pricing is given as a summary. This includes Air Experience flights and prices for full pilot training.
This is the online gift shop and contains all sorts of Gyrocopter related items.
This lists all the items in the giftshop that are considered essential training aids for Gyrocopter students.
This lists all the items in the giftshop that are considered essential training aids for Gyrocopter instructors.
This lists all the items of clothing that are available for purchase online. Most of these are branded "The Gyrocopter Experience". It is also where you can buy the infamous "I've got the Gyrocopter Grin!" T Shirt
If you know someone who is an Gyrocopter enthusiast then this section of the giftshop lists ideal presents for them. Or you can treat yourself to one of these items.
This lists all the gift packs containing flight vouchers that are available. Each gift pack also contains a demonstration DVD.
Flights can be booked online via vouchers or booked direct. This page provides an explaination of the differences and a gives instructions for proceeding.
Vouchers can be bought via the online giftshop. This is explained here and contains links to the correct giftshop pages.
Vouchers can be redeemed online. If you have a voucher you can enter the voucher number and the valid from date and then proceed to book a flight. You can only proceed past this point once correct voucher details have been entered
Bookings can be made direct on this website for some of the locations. These locations are listed together with a link to a calendar of bookable dates where appropriate.
This is an information page relating to training in the UK. It is split between "Training for a PPL(G) Licence", "Advanced Training", and "Training to be a Gyrocopter Instructor in the UK".
This lists the PPL(G) Syllabus which is all the skills that you will need to have achieved in order to obtain a licence.
This is a Frequently Asked Questions document relating to obtaining a Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes) in the UK
This is a checklist of all the things that you will need during your training. Some of them are downloadable forms and links to these downloads are given. Some of the items need to be purchased and links to these items in the giftshop are given.
This a a description of advanced training that should be undertaken by all pilots who have achieved about 50 hours of flying since obtaining their licence. It will provide a higher standard of flying. It is also the standard that is required for entry into the Instructors programme.
This gives an overview of the requirements to be a Gyrocopter Instructor in the UK. There is an additional information page for people who have registered on this website.
This is a photo album showing all the Gyrocopter Grin photos taken of people who have flown with The Gyrocopter Experience in the past year. These photos are available for free download by the person in the photograph.
This is an information site listing information relating to manufacturers competing in the UK market. It also lists the known Gyros for each type with a photograph.
This is a representation of Gyrocopter activity in the UK. It contains "For Sale" adverts, "Wanted" adverts, "Syndicate" adverts together with a list of forums for discussion. If you are interested in Gyro, you should be a part of "The Gyrocopter Community".
This document, which lists all the important pages in this website.
A series of pages containing external web links to the following categories "General Gyro Sites", "UK Gyro Manufacturers", "UK Instructors", "International Instructors" and "Weather and Planning". It is the most comprehensive list of Gyro related links on a UK website.
All the news stories that have appeared on this website are listed in chronological order. It provides a complete news archive.
Your comments are important to us. Feedback can be left here. It can be public feedback (everyone can see it) or private feedback (only members of The Gyrocopter Experience can see it).
We are often asked questions relating to Gyros, this Frequently Asked Questions section lists popular questions and our answers