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In 2008, We Created the World Famous 'Gyrocopter Grin'.

How will you get yours?

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What is a Gyrocopter?

A Gyrocopter looks like a Helicopter, flies like an Aeroplane and can float like a Parachute

In a Gyrocopter you wont feel turbulence, you will feel safe and because we can fly lower than small aeroplanes and small helicopters without compromising safety - the views are simply fantastic.

Gyrocopters : "Top Gear" style 13 min

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What's happening in Gyrocopter Community!

Some of the events happening in gyrocopter community are listed below.

Congratulations to the following people who have now completed their training to be a Gyro pilot. Well done!

Sat 25th May, 2019
BRA Fly-in at Old Warden
Welcome Newly Registered Users
  • Steve from Neosho, mo.

    21st Apr 2019

  • Herby Olschewski from Hampton

    2nd Apr 2019

  • Lawrence Devine from Londonderry

    1st Apr 2019

  • Tony Griffin from Saffron walden

    15th Feb 2019

  • Dario Vale from Natal/Brazil

    20th Jan 2019

  • Henry Carter from Maitland Cottage, Jersey

    18th Jan 2019

  • Martin Teague from Exeter

    13th Jan 2019

  • Adrian Russell from Henley in Arden

    8th Jan 2019

  • Stephen Dunklin from Berkhamsted

    15th Dec 2018

  • Nicholas Gallagher-Hughes from Stafford

    11th Dec 2018

A new PPL(G) Pilot!
  • Clive Brown

    Trained by : Andrew Jones

    Fri, 5th Apr 2019

  • Rob Gst

    Mon, 4th Mar 2019

  • George Niedringhaus

    Trained by : Owen Brooking

    Mon, 25th Feb 2019

  • Owen Gst

    Mon, 25th Feb 2019

  • Ian Ingram

    Trained by : Richard Osborne

    Wed, 30th Jan 2019

  • Paul Barnard

    Trained by : Kevin Whitehead

    Thu, 15th Nov 2018

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