The Gyrocopter Experience

The Gyrocopter Experience

Our Business

We sell flights in a Gyrocopter. Flights are either classed as Air Experience Flights or Pilot Training Flights.

Air Experience Flights are designed for people who have never flown in a Gyrocopter before.

Pilot Training Flights will teach you to become a pilot of a Gyrocopter, resulting in the granting of your licence, the PPL(G).

We also sell ground based training to help in the theoretical aspects of learning to fly Gyrocopters. We also sell training material and items associated with Gyrocopters.

Privacy Policy

Unless you register on this website, buy from us or fly with us in a Gyrocopter we do not collect any information from you.

If you register on our website or book to fly with us we collect information about how we can contact you in relation to any booking that you may have made.

If you request information on the Gyrocopter industry we may contact you by email. Each email will let you know how you can unsubscibe from this service at any time.

Where we hold telephone numbers, these are only used in connection with any flight you have purchased. We may use, with your permission, the telephone number to send sms messages about the weather conditions and to confirm that your flight will proceed on the day. We will not use your phone number for any general selling.

We do not store credit/debit card information either on our website or at any of our premises. Your card information is used to process an order and then it is destroyed.

We do keep information relating to flights that you have had with us including training records, purchases made and payments made. This information is available only to authorised staff within our company and yourself if you subscribe to our website.

We store photographs taken at the time of your flight. These photographs are available to the public on our various photo galleries. You will know about all these photographs. If you see a photograph that you would like removed from the website we will remove it without question.

We do not share any of our information with anyone outside the company.

Privacy Policy

Delivery Policy

Flights purchased must be taken in person at one of our locations. You must come to the specified location to take your flight. If you need to rearrange the date or time of your flight then please contact us as early as possible and we will try and accommodate you. As flights are weather permitting, we may need to rearrange the flight on the day of the flight, this is a safety neccessity and outwith our control. Where possible we will try and accommodate you with an alternative date as soon as possible. If we have to rearrange the flight and there is no alternative date/time suitable to you then we will refund any payment made.

If you fail to show up for a flight at the allocated day and time and you have not informed us with reasonable notice then you will forfeit any payment made for the flight. If you fail to show up for a course of training then you will forfeit your deposit for that training.

If you wish to cancel a prepaid flight within 7 days of the date that any payment for the flight has been made, or within 7 days of the valid from date that a flight gift voucher is assigned then please contact us and we will refund your money minus an administration charge. Refunds after these dates are at our discretion.

Where associated Gyrocopter items are to be dispatched, they will usually be dispatched within 24 hours of order placement. This excludes times when the office is closed, holiday dates are noted on the website at the time of purchase. Items dispatched to the UK are normally sent using first class post. Items sent outside the UK are sent using a mail method appropriate to that country.

All our aircraft are operated to the highest standards and are serviced and maintained by CAA approved engineers. Despite these safeguards, as with all mechanical apparatus they may be prone to mechanical failure or break down. Whilst every effort will be made to get them back to service as soon as possible there may be a delay in your training whilst repairs are effected. We cannot be held liable for any travel or accommodation costs incurred whilst waiting for an aircraft to be returned to service.

Contact Information

All members of staff who can be contacted are listed in the Contact page of the website. The numbers listed are personal mobile numbers, there is no guarantee of response times. As most of the staff listed are flying instructors it is very likely that a response may not happen during the day as they are likely to be flying or training. It is likely that any call backs will be made at the end of the day or early evening.

The central 0845 number is not manned at all times. It is available during normal office hours but it is usually not answered at the weekends or between the hours of 12 noon to 2pm. Messages left on this number will normally be returned during office hours.

Emails sent to any email address will normally be answered in 24 hours unless the recipient is on holiday.

Compliments and Complaints

If you have any reason to compliment or complain about any aspect of our business then please contact us on 0845 643 9476 or or write to "The Managing Director, The Gyrocopter Experience, The Gyroport, Rufforth Airfield, Rufforth, York, YO233QA".

Each location advertised is a completely independent business owned and operated by the Chief Flying Instructor at each location. The flying schools operate under The Gyrocopter Experience brand for marketing and business efficiency purposes only.