The Gyrocopter Experience

Welcome to The Gyrocopter Community

What is it?

The very fact that you are reading this page on this website means that you are part of "The Gyrocopter Community". Put simply, the Community is a collection of people who have an interest in what has become the fastest growning form of Sport Aviation in the UK - Gyrocopters.

You may be dream of flying one of these machines, or you may be an existing pilot or student pilot, or you may be involved with Gyros commercially. Whatever your reason for looking - you're most welcome.

Inside the community you will find a "meeting place" where you can see who is doing what with Gyros in the UK. You can read what other people are doing and you can share your stories as well.

Specifically, you will find:

  • Gyros for Sale (and accessories too!). Free ads that you can place online.
  • If you are looking for a Gyro (aren't we all!) then place your Wanted Ad here, absolutely free
  • If you want to own a share in a Gyro, why not look for other people who live close to you and set up a syndicate. If only you knew people who lived close to you that shares your interest.
  • Your profile: Adjust your security settings so that you are comfortable with the amount of information you are sharing about yourself. We respect that.
  • Wouldnt it be great if you knew who is flying where in the UK and when. Perhaps you could fly with them, or meet up with them at airfields as they stop over.
  • Best of all... Tell us your stories about Gyros and get them published on this website. And if you tell us where you went, we can plot your course on the map
  • My favourite.... be a Gyro Spotter. Whenever you see a Gyro, log it here! It's just for fun, but it will show how the sport is growing

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Who's doing what!

Here we are providing a very simple graphical way of showing who is doing what with Gyros in the UK. The information has all been entered by people directly on this website.

This community project was launched in Feb 2009, it will take some time for the data to be complete...but it is a good start.

Select what you want to see from the drop down list and click "Showme". If further information is available, move your mouse cursor over a spot on the map.

Visit this page often. The list of things you can see, and the amount of data shown will change regularly as the Community Grows. Enjoy and have fun! If you find any errors or have comments, please let us know by email here, or using the feedback form here.