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Welcome to Gyrocopter Experience Silverstone
Please call before visiting to check we aren't away flying!

Based next to Silverstone race circuit at Turweston aerodrome the area offers some fantastic flying countryside visually and it is rich in aviation and motorsport history.

We want you to have the best flying experience with the focus on getting people airborne either via a selection of introductory flights (which guarantee you'll be thrilled and left wanting to do more) or, if you already know you want to learn how to fly, you can attend our flying school. Both are superb fun, its just the focus is different.

The Gyrocopter is the most fun of all sport aviation, its just like a flying superbike!

Within reach of an hours flight we have sites that saw the birth of Radar, Britain's rocket test centre, a nuclear strike airbase, development sites for the Harrier 'jump jet', Britian's first operational jet, the Gloster Meteor and ejection seats.

We also have all of the global motorsport hot spots that include Silverstone F1 venue, Mercedes, Red Bull, Force India and Renault F1 teams, Rockingham Oval... It just goes on and on...

Introductory Flights

Our Introductory flights are really cool. We offer three different lengths of flight. What we do in that flight depends upon how much previous experience you have at flying. The majority of our introductory flights take place on a Saturday.

The Silverstone 30 Minute Experience Flight

This is our most popular flight. It starts with a tour of our hangar, you can bring all your family and friends along (free of charge!). There will be up to 4 flyers on the event, and very quickly you will all get to know each other. We will provide a safety briefing, an understanding of how a Gyrocopter works and then each person with a pre-booked flight will spend around 30 minutes flying around Silverstone, hands on the controls - or off the control, the choice is yours!.

The Silverstone 60 Minute Extended Flight

This is ideally suited to people who already fly some other type of aircraft and who want to understand more about the unique characteristics of a Gyrocopter. This is a one to one experience which includes a more detailed understanding of the controls. It is generally more "hands on" than "hands off" the controls.

The Extended Flight is also good for people who want to enjoy the view but want to fly further than the local area, perhaps you want to fly close to your house! Come on down! The flight lasts about about an hour.

The Ultimate Silverstone 90 Minute Gyrocopter Flight

This just has to be the best flight that you can have at Silverstone. It lasts around 90 minutes and the time available will allow you to become fully engaged in flying the aircraft whilst visiting all of the fantastic sites in our local area. Of course if you have a plan of what you'd like to do we will do our best to fit it all in!

Whatever you want to do, I am sure that you will never forget the Silverstone Gyrocopter Ultimate flight.

How it works!

If you would like to buy someone a gift of a flight, buying a Gyrocopter Experience Giftpack with flight voucher is the easiest way to proceed. The person receiving the gift can then book a specific time and date at a later stage. If you already have a voucher and would like to book a time and a date Redeem your voucher here

Alternatively if you want to book a date and time now then you can Book Direct Here. Go on...treat wont regret it!

Gyrocopter Pilot Training

If you want to learn how to fly then you come to our flying school. It's a centre of excellence for the modern gyroplane and ultimately your PPL(G).

We have a very structured course which includes an online portal giving access to the training syllabus, electronic log book, all course notes, flight briefings and in-flight video demos. This allows you to stay focused, make the best use of time and means when you turn up at the airfield you are better prepared - which ultimately means you will complete your pilot training as fast as your skill and commitment will allow.

We offer pilot training 7 days a week.

We find that those wishing to learn how to fly have many more questions than we could possibly answer via FAQ's on a website so please do contact us and we will happily give you a full briefing on pilot training.

Our Business Policies

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