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Welcome to Fleurieu Gyroplanes, Australia
Weather is warming up now so great flying to be had all the way through to May 2019
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Holiday in Australia

Australia is really not that far away and it makes complete sense to get away from the cold UK Winters to continue your training down under in a country blessed with fantastic weather and wonderful scenery. Fly around the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia in a Gyroplane. Fleurieu Gyroplanes is a full time Gyroplane Flight School based on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Adelaide, next to the seaside town of Goolwa offering Introductory Flights, Pilot Training and Pilot Development Course.

Combine your trip with that vacation you have always promised yourself and your family. Fleurieu Gyroplanes is based in the premier holiday spot of South Australia.

The Fleurieu Peninsula offers some of the finest natural scenery and wildlife in Australia. Combined with the Coorong National Park, Murray Mouth, Victor Harbor, crystal clear safe waters your family will have a holiday to remember, plus you will have a flying experience like no other.

Fleurieu Gyroplanes has accomodation to rent so,
You can even fly from the backgarden if you wish!

The school is normally open to the public seven days a week and everyone is welcome to come and see the Gyroplanes and have a chat. As well as the complete range of ELA modern Gyroplanes, we also have a Littlewing LW3 tractor Gyroplane and a Gyroplane Shop. We have aircraft for hire (conditions apply).

Your first flight in a Gyroplane

All our Introductory Lessons and Experience Flights are usually flown at the weekend, when the "Gyroport" becomes a hive of activity. If you are coming for a flight - bring as many friends and family as you want - everyone is welcome. Flights should be pre-booked to ensure we have availability.

Train to be a Gyroplane Pilot

Gyroplane Pilot Training can be offered as intensive courses with accomodation if required. Ad hoc training is available as well as conversion, Biennial flight reviews and courses for your examinations. Typically we try to restrict it to two students per instructor working at one time.

Introductory Flights

Experience the exhilaration of a trial flying lesson (TIF) in a dual controlled open cockpit gyroplane!
Following a short introduction to the machine controls and a safety briefing, take to the skies over the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula. Pilot the gyroplane, safe in the knowledge that you will be flying with an experienced gyroplane instructor, or just sit back and admire the view - it's entirely up to you.

Open Cockpit (ELA07-Scorpion)

Prices*: - 30 min $165.00+GST 60min $220.00+GST

Enclosed Cockpit (ELA10-Eclipse)

Prices*: - 30 min $185.00+GST 60min $250.00+GST

* Other options available, just call David on 04 8888 GYRO to discuss. **NOGIFTS**

How it works!

If you would like to buy someone a gift of a flight, buying a Gyrocopter Experience Giftpack with flight voucher is the easiest way to proceed. The person receiving the gift can then book a specific time and date at a later stage. If you already have a voucher and would like to book a time and a date Redeem your voucher here

Alternatively if you want to book a date and time now then you can Book Direct Here. Go on...treat wont regret it!

Gyrocopter Pilot Training

The Gyrocopter Experience - Goolwa offers pilot training as intensive courses as well as ad-hoc courses.

Intensive Courses

Each course will last 4 or 5 days and generally there are upto two students per instructor. You will aim to fly 2-3 hours per day or 10-12 hours per week. Believe us, it is enough concentration for anyone.

Having a "buddy" on an intensive course has a number of advantages, not least, you have someone to share your excitement, frustration, exhiliration, and even more frustration as you progress through the course. There will be times when you know what you need to do, but you just cannot get your hands and feet to do it! Also, when you do something right - you have someone to tell; equally when you do something wrong, like a bouncy landing, you have someone to take the micky out of you!

Ad-hoc courses

Designed for the student who cannot commit to a block booking and has maybe a day / week or couple of days / month available.

It's a holiday!

One of our students once told us that "actually we supply activity holidays". What a cool thing to say. It's true, think of your training time here as part of your annual holiday, bring the family and explore Australia, what a great way to spend a vacation. We even offer accomodation and airport collection from Adelaide Airport.

Fly directly from the backgarden!

But there's more to learning than just flying!

As well as learning to control the aircraft you also need to learn some of the theory that goes along with it. We do that too. It's not scary and we will help you through it.

Book your whole course

If you are new to flying, you will need about 6 courses. If you already have a licence then you are likely to require about 4 courses. We are very busy and generally booked up months in advance. You are advised to book your entire schedule early, even if you want to book just 2 weeks per year for the next 3 years. That way you will complete your course and join the merry gang of Gyronauts.

Our Business Policies

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